Business Formation & Plan Development

Aurora Creative Learning Solutions (ACLS)

Aurora Creative Learning Solutions (ACLS) reached out to EBO in 2021 with the desire to form an S-Corporation and create a business plan for their organization.  ACLS provides customized instructional design solutions and curricular programming. 


Maximize Efficiency & Capacity

EBO worked closely with the CEO of ACLS to provide essential support for their business development needs.  In every instance, our team’s objective is to provide remarkable services for every client.  While remarkable service delivery may be a given, each client has unique challenges, and ACLS is no different.  ACLS was founded with the intent of focusing on learners and families in a digital environment–EBO works behind-the-scenes at ACLS to maximize their efficiency and capacity, enabling ACLS to do what they do best.


Outcomes That Matter

Working with EBO, ACLS took steps to develop their operational and administrative functions, thus reinforcing their ability to adapt to changing socio-economic conditions.  As our communities continue to face COVID-19 and other global issues, it has never been more important to focus on business sustainability and adaptability.  EBO has taken careful steps to guide ACLS through their startup journey, emphasizing practices and implementing measures that work to fulfill their mission.

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