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Anchorage Downtown Partnership Ltd. (ADP)

Anchorage Downtown Partnership (ADP) first reached out to EBO Consulting in early 2022 for support with their board meetings. Through this service provision, we became involved with ADP's search for a new Executive Director. Our recruitment solutions have enabled ADP to thoroughly seek out a new Director while maintaining compliance throughout the process.


Responsiveness & Collaboration

EBO's approach with ADP has been consistent with both areas of service.  Our responsiveness proves to be precisely what ADP needs to fulfill these tasks.  The recruitment experience has been considerably seamless and this wouldn't be possible without a commitment to collaboration.  ADP's Board and Staff are excellent representatives of the organization and are keen to work together to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Outcomes That Matter

EBO has delivered detailed meeting minutes for multiple ADP Board meetings and will continue in this role throughout the year. Our recruitment methods have ensured the search for ADP's next Executive Director is consistently an efficient, balanced, and organized experience. ADP is an excellent steward for the Anchorage community, and we are grateful to support their endeavors.

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