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Alaska Public Health Association (ALPHA)

Upon learning about the Alaska Public Health Association’s (ALPHA) need for a business management contractor to provide ongoing organizational support services, EBO stepped up to fulfill various essential functions. As part of a long-term contract with ALPHA, our team provides customized services including corporate requirement oversight, membership maintenance, Board support, and website updates. As a nonprofit entity, ALPHA has specific protocols and processes that must be adhered to for compliance purposes. EBO’s specialized background in nonprofit management has made us the ideal professional partner to meet their unique needs.


Expeditious Communication & Effective Recordkeeping

EBO works diligently with the ALPHA executive team to identify the most suitable approaches for service provision. For optimum operations, ALPHA strives to be as responsive as possible with members, vendors, and affiliated organizations alike. Our team ensures that ALPHA’s communication is consistently expeditious and professional. We also employ meticulous recordkeeping practices to ensure file accessibility, consistent naming conventions, and a logical organizational structure.


Outcomes That Matter

As a newer client onboarded in summer 2022, ALPHA has opened a new door for EBO’s service delivery. We have adjusted our service model to now include clients requiring long-term and no-fuss solutions for managing their business or organization. Any business founder will understand the complexities involved with day-to-day management–at EBO, we have taken the time to assess ALPHA’s complexities and have forged a path forward to streamline and ultimately simplify their backend processes.

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