About EBO

EBO Consulting Inc. is an Alaska-based business development consulting agency, specializing in management solutions, business formation, document control, meeting facilitation, and notary services. The EBO team provides remote and in-person services, delivering the highest quality business support for our clients.

Our Story

Founded in July 2018 and incorporated in August 2019 in Anchorage, Alaska, EBO comprises a team of specialized consultants, with a combined 25+ years’ experience in business administration, executive leadership and management, operations, and growth strategization.

Emily Berliner

Emily founded EBO Consulting Inc. in July 2018, bringing with her 10+ years of administrative & managerial experience in both for- and nonprofit sectors. 

After graduating high school in Bethel, Alaska, in 2001, Emily attended university in London, England, earning a bachelor’s in Geography from King’s College London & a master’s in Corporate Finance & Strategy from Cass Business School. Returning to Alaska in 2010, she has been committed to building her professional experience in various industries. In 2016, Emily earned her Nonprofit Management Certification through the Foraker Group and the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). EBO Consulting Inc. was founded with a renewed focus for business development & the diverse needs of Alaskan businesses & beyond.

In 2019, Emily partnered with Mitch Laird to incorporate EBO Consulting and expand their service offerings. Emily’s determination, consistency, and resourcefulness has effectively evolved the company, enabling the team to provide top-quality services for their valued clients. Outside of the business, Emily enjoys staying active and fit, through a combination of barre classes, running, cross-country skiing, and boxing. Additional interests include cooking, travel, and spending time with her miniature Schnauzer pup Greta.
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Mitch Laird

Mitch joined EBO Consulting Inc. in October 2019 as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 

He brings 10+ years of management and client service expertise to the company. Mitch received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) in 2010, after which he began his professional journey gaining specialized proficiency in the forestry, tree services, and oil/gas sectors, before transitioning to his role with EBO Consulting. Mitch is a green belt certified project manager through Lean Sigma Six.

An accomplished and integrity-driven manager with extensive client support skills, Mitch is an outstanding problem-solver with excellent communication skills and a proven ability to analyze and manage change. With dedication and determination, Mitch has a natural flair for building and maintaining relationships across disparate groups. An avid backcountry skier and biker, Mitch also spends his downtime reading, writing, cooking, and walking his pup, Greta.
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Our Methodology

EBO serves both local and national markets, supporting for profit businesses and nonprofit entities in various stages including the startup phase, growth period, through sustainability, and beyond. 

EBO is organized into four core divisions: ENGAGE Management Solutions, BUILD Startup & Growth Strategies, OPTIMIZE Administrative Support, and NOTARIZE Mobile Notary Services.

Our Mission

We seek to create visible, welcoming networks where businesses at every life cycle stage can find the resources to create solid foundations on which to test and develop their ideas.  We strive to always deliver more than expected.

Our Vision

We envision entrepreneurship as a collaborative endeavor to bring great ideas to the community.  We believe this vision can only be actualized among startups, investors, consumers, and the broader communities in which they do business.

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
- Gandalf the Grey
Based in Anchorage, Alaska

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